The Customer Push Or Pull: How Much Are Customers Driving Digital Change For Utilities

The digital needs of customers are rapidly changing. How much urgency does the customer really drive for utilities to act regarding new technology investments and strategies?

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Leveraging IIoT Devices in the Power Gen Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is poised to seep into nearly every part of asset-intensive industries.

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Paula Gold-Williams CPS Energy CEO selected as 2018 ETS Thought Leader of the Year

Zpryme announced today that CPS Energy’s President & CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, has been selected as 2018’s “ETS Thought Leader of the Year.”

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Distributed Energy Management: The New Era of Demand Response

With the rapid integration of renewables and distributed technologies into the grid, utilities can no longer feasibly address the challenges of maintaining power quality,…

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Local Power: State of The Distributed Grid 2017

The power sector continues its transformation from a one-way to a more distributed grid, but what does the vision of a decentralized power network really look like?

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The Entrepreneurial Utility: Opportunities for Adaptive Approaches to Customer Program Testing

Nearly every utility is certainly past the startup phase, but that shouldn’t preclude them from an entrepreneurial mindset—particularly when it comes to customer programs. Utility…

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