According to a recent Zpryme survey of national consumer attitudes and expectations, nearly half of the 1,000-respondent sample (45.6%) believed that their utility should place a high priority on climate change initiatives. Females were stronger (50.4%) than males (40.6%) in this belief about the importance of utility action on climate change. Those in the Northeast had the highest number (55.3%) saying climate change should be a high priority for their utility.

Of significant importance to utilities, especially those in deregulated markets, the largest group of respondents (45.5%), said their utility should place a high priority on investing in clean energy programs (wind, solar, EVs, etc.). Younger people, 35-44 and 18-24, state that high priority should be placed on clean energy programs by their utilities (51.9% and 50.6%, respectively).

As climate change mandates filter down to utilities along with consumer demands for access to renewables accelerates, utilities should prepare for the coming sea change in energy generation.

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