Analysis recently conducted by Zpryme on federal data sets shows an astonishing 348% increase of Electric Vehicle (EV) sales in April 2021 (45,105 units sold), compared with April 2020 EV sales (10,073 units). Equally encouraging news to the energy transition community and industry is that, through April 2021, cumulative EV sales have totaled 150,233, bringing EV sales up by a whopping 87% over 2020 figures. Data was drawn from the U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Lab (ANL), and the U.S. Alternative Fuel Data Center.

Tesla models have accounted for over a half (53%) of 2021 EV sales. With ranges now up to and over 300 miles between recharge, Tesla EVs and its dense national recharge network, along with other major recharge outfits – EVGo, Electrify America, and ChargePoint, etc. – are rapidly filling in the gaps in coverage, much as cellular phone service has done with its network.

Indeed, in a related finding by Zpryme data analysis, helping drive EV sales figures are EV charge station installation trends. Through April 2021, the U.S. had 45,495 EV charging stations offering 116,238 charging outlets, including 18,132 DC-fast charging outlets, 94,778 level-2 outlets, and 3,328 level-1 outlets available nationwide. California (13,669), New York (2,626), Florida (2,373), Texas (2,123), and Massachusetts (1,729) were the top 5 states with EV charging stations. As charging infrastructure continues its rollout and viability nationwide, a major concern to EV purchase is eliminated from the minds of potential customers.

These Zpryme federal data analyses demonstrate that early adopters of EV vehicle and infrastructure technology are driving the sales and diffusion of this critical post-fossil innovation toward a critical mass of widespread acceptance by the public.

Learn how to access the full report and review findings from Zpryme’s Utility Response EV Sales and EV Charging Station Benchmarking Report here