The Ambition Zone requires leaders to change the way they approach their current strategies, operations, and markets. New levels of performance mean breaking down visible and invisible barriers and continuously inventing new pathways to deliver. There are three critical areas to tend to when navigating this zone:

  1. Add New Variables Into Your Growth Equation

To deliver beyond the expected, leaders and teams must grow and operate in ways beyond what is expected. The traditional growth levers of refining business models, adjusting operating processes, and financing capital investments will only serve to position you as “one of the pack.”

  1. Defy who you think you are

To achieve something that has no precedent, you have to “un-know” what you know—starting with what you know about yourself, and what you think is possible.

  1. People are the key

When a leader is set to deliver ambitious goals, people are the key. An important role of the leader in this Ambitious Zone is to create a setting for people in which they can be better than they have ever been before—maybe even better than they have ever dreamed of being.

The Most Important Part? Being Willing To Go There

Leaders willing to move to the outer edge of what is possible and articulate specific business outcomes in that ambitious zone spark a new future. It pushes people to define performance beyond what can be seen and invent new ways to achieve target outcomes. When creative and committed leaders put themselves in this space and entertain new ways of looking at things, results change and the business changes with it.

Being willing to step into the Ambition Zone starts the process of rethinking, redefining, and reframing everything in the way of the very best performance.