A poem by C. Reel


A lightning strike, a static touch, a spark

We measure it with the kilowatt-hour

The stuff that keeps the lights on after dark

How powerful it is indeed, our power

The ways we generate it aren’t just one

Our generation methods are a dearth

From wind to hydro and even the sun

These ways help us be kinder to the earth

You, too, have your own energy within

It comes from people, moments, here and there

It generates when you feel joy and grin

Connected to all about which you care

Our message is as simple as can be

Appreciate and #LoveYourEnergy


  1. Reel is a project manager at Zpryme. If you’d like to submit a poem, an article, or another form of energy-related content to the Guest Contributor Series, please contact curator Laurel Morris.