April 16th marks my 4-year anniversary with Zpryme. Prior to Zpryme, I worked as an Enrichment Program Specialist for Del Valle Independent School District. Besides the fact that I was drastically changing industries, I didn’t realize another significant impact of the move: working remotely. Every day.

Zpryme is a 100% digital company. Yes, we have a corporate headquarters, but for the most part, our staff works remotely every single day. I initially remember that being a perk, and the reason I wanted the job! No traffic, no loud noises, and my favorite, no coworkers reheating fish or burning popcorn in the break room. Sounded magical! My first few weeks, I had the largest amount of anxiety and probably cried in my house way more than was acceptable, but it helped me learn what working from home tactics were best for me.

Now that a majority of the US is on lockdown, I have composed a list of my tips on working from home. Note: These might not work for you, but feel free to adjust accordingly.

Tips for working from home:

1. Open all your blinds. Natural light and being able to see outside puts you in a much better work mood.

2. Have some background noise. Tv, music, etc. Silences inside of one room in your house can become deafening.

3. Work in a different spot than you usually hang out at in the evening. That way if you need a break, you can always go back to your hang out place. This helps with stress levels.

4. Go for a mid-day run or walk. I usually do this around 12:00-1:00. This helps refocus your mind and gets you out of the house. (Today at Zpryme, Emma Garcia lead us in virtual yoga!)

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5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. When you are at home in the work groove, it’s easy to not eat or drink. For some, it’s the opposite. It may be super easy to raid your pantry because it’s right around the corner. This is not okay! Make sure to take your regularly scheduled breaks like you would on a regular office. Get up, walk around, remove yourself from your set office space.

I know this is a trying time for everyone, and I struggled more than I thought when I transitioned to working from home for the first time. I hope you take something out of my learned lessons so you don’t struggle like I did. And feel free to share your tips in comments! Stay safe out there!