EV sales continued to put the pedal to the metal in May 2021. According to Argonne National Lab (ANL) data sets analyzed by Zpryme, EV sales in May reached 53,779 units, representing a 19.2% increase over April 2021. On an annual basis, this represents an astronomical 329% increase compared to May 2020 EV sales of 12,536 vehicles.

Adding beneficial corresponding momentum to EV sales is the proliferation nationwide of EV charging stations and outlets. Through May 2021, the U.S. had 46,104 EV charging stations and 117,674 charging outlets. This is an increase of 609 charging stations compared to April 2021. Also, through May 2021, there were a total of 18,1385 DC-fast charging outlets, 96,110 level-2 outlets, and 3,299 level-1 outlets available.

To learn how to access the full report and review findings in detail, go to Zpryme’s Utility Response website and find the report at U.S. Electric Vehicle Sales and Charging Station Trends – May 2021 Monthly EV Data Update.