According to a May 2021 monthly Zpryme survey of customer experience trends, utilities lag behind other industries in customer satisfaction ratings. Zpryme survey results show that for best overall customer service experience, online shopping rated highest at 30.3%, followed by banking at 27.7%, both well ahead of electric, gas, and water utilities, which rated only 13.0% approval.

Long accustomed to a relatively insulated, behind-the-scenes role providing essential utility services, today electric, gas, and water utilities clearly face mounting pressure from other industries to direct more resources toward their CX outreach. Utilities in relatively secure regulated energy markets may not feel the pressure to offer advanced CX to their customers, but for those in deregulated markets facing stiff competition, weak customer service ratings may translate to lost business and reduced revenue.

To learn how to access the full report and review findings in detail, go to Zpryme’s Utility Response website and find the report at Best Overall and Mobile Customer Experience (CX) Ratings by Industry May 2021 Report.