In order to stay competitive in deregulated markets, utilities must regularly monitor customer experience (CX) ratings. Zpryme offers the Utility Response report described below to provide a benchmark to that effort.

This quarterly report is designed to track customer experience (CX) approval ratings within the utility sector, and also to provide a cross-industry CX rating among 10 industries. Non-utility industries often provide a bellwether to utilities regarding technological trends that are likely to bear on and influence utility customer satisfaction ratings.

In the March 2021 survey, based on 1-5 scale, the following industries enjoyed the highest CX ratings: primary health care offices (3.95), banking (3.90), and online shopping (3.89). Utilities ranked 5th (3.69) out of 10 industries analyzed. Looking to those industries may inform utility decision-making on products, services, and practices to provide their customers.

To find out how to access the full report and review findings from the Zpryme’s Utility and Industry Customer Experience Ratings – Utility Response Benchmarking report, click here.