November 20, 2018

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Central


In this one-day session, utility industry decision makers will learn how to use the power of Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence gathered from their employees to develop corporate strategy. Using the ‘Supermind’, you will be able to create possibilities for possible strategic action, decide which actions to take by considering more options than you traditionally would, sense the external world through trendspotting and futurecasting, factoring in historic structured and unstructured data and, once the strategic plans are being implemented, learn from the experience using real time data/decision making.

Workshop is Limited to 8 attendees only. 

Facilitated by innovation expert, Seyi Fabode, you will be provided with frameworks and tools that equip you to make optimal strategic decisions in a time of rapidly advancing technologies

What You Will Learn

  • The meaning and current status of Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches in industry
  • Why AI is so important and what it means for the utility industry
  • The different approaches to AI, current status, risk and benefits to adopting one approach over the other
  • Use cases and applications of AI within the utility industry and the value that can be derived from these approaches
  • How to determine the readiness level of and what is required to implement successful AI programs or projects within your organization
    • what data, from where and how to set up a data collection/creation approach to feed the AI training models for optimal performance
    • how to determine and capture the Human Intelligence within your organization that will also provide input into training models for AI
  • Approaches to deciding when to ignore, build, buy or partner to implement AI programs within your organization
  • How to apply your understanding to corporate strategic planning within your organization

Seminar Agenda

  • Review AI concepts in some detail
  • Utilize use cases to discuss the different approaches to AI and their application to the utility industry
  • Review current readiness levels at participant organizations
  • Walk through gap analysis to determine what needs to happen at participant organizations to increase readiness
  • Discuss (asset and human) data flows, streams and creation approaches that will be required within participant organizations
  • Discuss how to apply the insights gleaned to develop and improve corporate strategic planning

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