Developing digital solutions to society’s most pressing water-energy nexus issues. The September 2020 conference will tackle the intersection of climate change, accessibility, affordability, and water quality.

Los Angeles, CA (October 24, 2019) – Zpryme, an Austin-based energy and technology research company, announced today that it is continuing its partnership with Smart Energy Water, the world’s leading global smart energy water cloud platform, to host the 2nd annual WE3 Summit in Los Angeles, California on September 9-10, 2020. This summit will provide a forum to drive the solutions and dialogue around creating a resilient, environmentally sustainable, and economically accessible water-energy nexus needed for billions of people worldwide today and tomorrow.

“Providing safe, reliable, and affordable water and energy sustainably is the most fundamental challenge facing our society today,” said Jason Rodriguez, CEO of Zpryme. “This challenge doesn’t look the same in every country, region, or state but the issues surrounding the water-energy nexus must be addressed from a human-centric perspective.”

Creating a resilient, environmentally sustainable, and economically accessible energy water ecosystem is possible if the global community can martial an effective collective response. The WE3 Summit will focus on the creation of this response through education, engagement, and empowerment. Speakers will include government officials, utility executives, industry-leading tech giants, financial experts, and customer advocates. Attendees will also experience two unique days dedicated to discussing the need to modernize business models, reshape policies, and ignite a spirit of innovation needed to empower the water-energy transformation.

“We are excited for the impact the WE3 Summit can have on people, customers and communities around the world,” added Deepak Garg, CEO Smart Energy Water. “By focusing on solutions first governments, utilities and business can harness the power of digital transformation leveraging cloud, mobility, AI/ML and IOT to create a more sustainable water-energy nexus.”

“Many communities across the world lack access to important resources such as water and electricity. By educating, engaging and empowering industry, government and technology leaders at the WE3 Summit, we can meet these challenges in the 21st century through digital transformation,” added Deepak Garg, CEO Smart Energy Water.”

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