Jason S. Rodriguez Zpryme CEO, will give a talk on the impact virtual and augmented reality will have on consumer engagement at the upcoming Augmented Reality for Leading-Edge Utilities (ARLU) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on Thursday, Apr 24-25, 2018.

“VR/AR represent the next frontier for consumer education and engagement for the energy sector,” said Zpryme CEO and Co-Founder Jason S. Rodriguez. “This new medium will help this industry bring next-level engagement to its consumers by allowing them to learn about renewable energy programs, energy efficiency, EV charging, smart home technologies and more.”

About ALRU

What is the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality research at EPRI? Attend our annual face to face for utility project members and anyone interested in discovering the value this emergent technology offers for a myriad of applications. You will have a chance to review successes, lessons learned and bounce ideas off each other as our cohort continues to pioneer the way humans and computers interface to solve big problems spanning utility industries.

Attendees can expect to learn about the latest and greatest applications and efforts within Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality in Electric Power and Utilities at large. Participants will learn what has worked, what isn’t working, and what remains to be attempted. Topics will range from application demonstrations with technical overviews to leaders sharing vision for the future of ‘Holograms’ and the newest headsets on the market. Learn more at: http://thearea.org/event/augmented-reality-leading-edge-utilities-arlu/

About Zpryme

Based in Austin, Texas, Zpryme is a research-based firm with a focus on energy. Based on the creative direction of our associates, Zpryme produces influential research and events that challenge the status quo and marketing solutions for fully-immersive brand, virtual and augmented reality experiences. Learn more at: www.zpryme.com