As Zpryme’s first employee, what is the biggest change you’ve experienced?
The biggest change has been going from a very small team of just 6 or 7 where it was all hands on deck all the time, to having our larger team now. Everyone on the team is so skilled and talented that everything we do is much more fluid and easy now. However, what hasn’t changed is that everyone on the team is still always willing to help out regardless of what it is.

What drives you each morning when you log in to work?
I love the team that I work with, especially being on the marketing team and the Froliq team. Everyone is so passionate about the work we’re doing and it rubs off on me and makes me more passionate about it, too.What

are you most looking forward to now that the world seems to be opening back up?
I’m excited to see all of my friends family and co-workers again, it’s been far too long! And of course, since it’s summer, I can’t wait to take a vacation to the beach!