According to a recent Zpryme survey of national consumer attitudes and expectations, for overall customer experience (CX), the banking industry was rated best by more respondents (30.7%) than any other service provider. Online shopping rated second place (22.3%), with utilities rated third (12.4%).

When respondents rated their best mobile experience, banking again was highest (23.6%), with mobile/wireless providers rated a close second (23.5%). Placing third with best mobile experience was online shopping (18.8%).

Utilities, especially in competitive markets, will benefit by recognizing the word of caution contained in this finding: The lowest mobile customer experience was reported to be in the electric/water/gas utilities sector (5.8%).

With banking and other industries ramping up customer service expectations, utilities, especially those in competitive markets, will want to get ahead of the curve by upping their mobile CX offerings as a vehicle to attract and retain customers.

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