As shown in a new INFOgraphic, 2013 Virtual Power Plant Trends, conducted by Zpryme and commissioned by the host of the Virtual Power Plants Online Summit, Smart Grid Observer, 67% of utilities are planning or considering the deployment of a virtual power plant. Zpryme conducted a survey this month (April) with 120 utility (67% of the sample) and smart grid executives (33% of the sample) to understand how these clusters of small, distributed energy sources fused together by software and operated as a lone power plan are changing the traditional grid.

Download the Smart Grid Observer-sponsored INFOgraphic today from Zpryme to view responses from the following survey questions:

  1. Is your utility planning or considering the deployment of a virtual power plant?
  2. Which of the following best describes your situation when it comes to deploying a VPP?
  3. What are the top benefits of using a VPP?
  4. What is the expected capacity (generated and/or load reduction) at your VPP?
  5. What types of fuel sources do you intend to use in your VPP?
  6. What are your expected investments over the next two years in VPP technologies?

About Virtual Power Plants Online Summit:

The Virtual Power Plants Online Summit 2013 on Thursday, May 2 is a one-day, 100% online event designed to help utilities understand and capitalize on the opportunities afforded by this emerging technology. Learn more about the event that will feature in-depth presentations, case studies, and interactive Q&A sessions at:

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