As the sun beats down on the U.S. and the rest of the globe, there’s added stress on power systems. Communities from Michigan to South Korea are running air conditioners to keep cool, leading to transformers overloading and ultimately widespread power outages.

In the INFOgraphic, Heat Waves and Outage Management System Benefits, with partner Utility Dive, a Zpryme survey of 115 utility executives revealed that (43%) cited the combination of technologies such as microgrids, energy storage, or virtual power plants proved most effective for utilities to prevent power outages due to heat waves. Conversely, the top benefits for utilities that deploy or use an advanced outage management system are reduced outage durations (35%) and frequency (21%).

With the support from outage management systems from companies such as GE, Siemens, ABB (and Ventyx, an ABB company), and Schneider Electric operational efficiencies and communications are improved, thus serving to reduce dispatching blockages that occur during high-volume power outage conditions caused by heat waves.

“Like most U.S. summers reports of scattered power outages have impacted the pulse of businesses and families. Luckily utilities have taken a number of reactive and proactive measures to maintain power during extreme heat such as adding larger substations, new transformers and electric lines to ensure dependable service to customers,” stated Mark Ishac, Zpryme Managing Director. “By merging advanced technologies such as distribution management and outage management systems into one secure, unified solution utilities can maximize the benefits from a growing blend of intelligent grid devices and advanced metering.”

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