Over the past decade, billions of dollars have been invested to improve the infrastructure through which electricity is generated, distributed and consumed. With the deployment of smart meters, distributed generation and other building and grid sensing technologies now reaching critical mass, all participants in the electricity supply chain find themselves having to process and analyze thousands of times more data than they’ve had before. Dealing with the deluge of data proves to be a challenging task for an industry unaccustomed to such rapid change. Deploying smart meters and upgrading utility networks will force electricity providers to process far more information than they’re accustomed to handling.

In the INFOgraphic, Turning Big Data into Power, sponsored by AutoGrid Systems, Zpryme analyzed how data is impacting every market segment of the smart grid ecosystem, from smart meters and intelligent electronic devices to electric vehicles and demand response. “Analyzing outsized data sets efficiently with extreme accuracy will become a key basis of competition for utility-focused data analytic vendors next year (2014),” stated Mark Ishac, Zpryme Zpryme Managing Director. “Companies such as AutoGrid are developing effective solutions that can be deployed in weeks, not months, doesn’t require expensive capital investments and has an immediate ROI – a win-win for utilities and customers.”

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Founded in 2011, AutoGrid is dedicated to bringing the power of Big Data, predictive analytics and Internet-scale computational techniques to the production and consumption of electricity. Serving utilities of all sizes, grid operators, electricity retailers, ESCO services companies, and end-users, AutoGrid develops and markets software solutions that both help lower costs and improve reliability of the electricity supply chain. AutoGrid’s technology was awarded the prestigious Department of Energy’s Advanced Projects Research Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) funding in 2012. For more information please visit: www.auto-grid.com

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