Last week was ETS19, the biggest week in energy (maybe we’re a little biased). Thought leaders from all over the industry came to tell their stories and how we can work together to overcome the hardest challenges facing the industry.

Just like last week, Nancy Bui-Thompson, an elected member of the board of directors for SMUD sat down with some of the most prominent leaders at the event to discuss their journeys. Gil Quiniones, CEO of NYPA and Thought Leader of the Year for ETS19 stopped by to talk about how the work he’s done in New York models what he believes the future of the industry should look like.

Nancy also talked with Arlen Orchard, CEO of SMUD, about using your position to make your community better. Though both of these men come from different backgrounds and work on opposite coasts, they have a similar message of inclusiveness and community that demonstrates why they are respected leaders in our industry. Hope you enjoy these interviews!