"In today's world you need artists at the table with technologists, design thinkers with students and engineers, it's a melding of creativity as opposed to a siloed approach."

- Chelsea Collier, Digi.City Founder

Austin, Texas is known for many things; It’s creativity, live music, tech companies, festivals and a skyline in constant change. As Austin continues to be one of the fastest-growing metros of its size, how can it hold on to the community that keeps it weird. Made possible by SAP and Dell EMC, this is Real-Time Skyline.

Special Thanks to University of Texas at Austin, Austin Creative Art Center (ACAC), Capital Factory, Elektrica Limo, Austin Energy, City of Austin, SXSW. Cinematography & Editing by Jeff Zavala at ZCreative Media. Augmented Reality Footage by Viewer Ready, J.J. Castillo. Additional Footage by Nil Buan. News Footage by KVUE. Special Appearance Adam Lozoya “The Traveling Pianist”. ETS Originals is a Zpryme Property.