"We want people who understand that the universe is big enough and complex enough for all of us to find a niche."

- Eric Hepburn, IMPACT Lab

Austin-based energy tech company Zpryme has partnered with IMPACT Lab at Austin Community College (ACC) to design and develop advanced drone and sensing technology. It’s the first partnership of its kind for both the IMPACT Lab and Zpryme. 

“The IMPACT Lab at Austin Community College was created to incubate Central Texas startups by eliminating some of the most imposing barriers to product development: access to equipment, software, and expertise,” explains Eric Hepburn, manager at IMPACT Lab. 

The lab provides the space and resources for Sam Kodo, Zpryme’s director of engineering and technology to design, test, and iterate prototypes in a much more timely and cost efficient manner. 

Kodo, who had already created 3D printed drone technology, is designing next-generation drone and sensing technology to better identify, assess, and predict potential impacts from severe weather events.   

Jason Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Zpryme, is thrilled to see Kodo’s technology lift off. “The ACC Impact Lab gives Zpryme and Sam the ability to test, evaluate, and bring our big ideas to life. We are very excited to see Sam’s robotics and drone technology evolve through this partnership.” 

The IMPACT Lab will also work with Kodo and Zpryme to potentially tap ACC students for internship opportunities in advanced manufacturing, bringing the partnership truly full circle. 

“We are excited to have, as our inaugural incubator partner, Zpryme and Sam Kodo. Zpryme’s reputation for cutting-edge engagement in the energy space and Sam Kodo’s stellar resume and portfolio are a perfect match for the tech-forward prototyping capabilities of our Lab – and we are expecting amazing things,” said Hepburn.

Mr. Kodo was recently featured: CBS, Fox, ACC


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