The 2014 Zpryme and MSGS municipal smart grid survey of electric utilities in the U.S. found that systems integration within the utility poses the biggest technological challenge for smart grid deployment. However, utilities reported that a successful rollout is dependent upon sufficient funding.  Another major area of concern was the management/use of smart grid data.

Zpryme and the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) conducted the survey during May-June 2014 and consisted of 51 questions about the smart grid in the U. S.  A total of 91 municipal electric utilities responded to the survey.

Key Findings

  • Smart grid deployment status for the largest proportion (42%) of utilities was only in the planning/investigatory stage.
  • Managing, storing, and effectively using smart grid data concerned 97% of these utilities (42% were very concerned).
  • Most important smart grid application area was smart meters/AMR/AMI (85%).
  • Major challenge for successful smart grid deployment was budget limitations (44%).
  • Smart grid projects, over the next five years, was most often a moderate priority (47%).
  • Over 1/3 (36%) of utilities said no customer outreach has been made.
  • Only about half (48%) have an AMI network in place.
  • The proportion of customers on dynamic retail rates is very low.
  • Fiber is the most popular choice (80%) to use for communicating/commanding a switching infrastructure.
  • VAR control is not planned by 33% of these utilities.
  • Over half (52%) said they were not exploring formal renewable energy generation initiatives.

Only 23% had an EV pilot program, while 35% said they were waiting two years or more to initiate one.



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