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Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) applications are increasingly integral parts of businesses’ operational development, enhanced customer experience, and overall process optimization. In some industries, AI/ML technology is a defining aspect of the services and products offered, putting companies that use AI/ML at the forefront of their respective fields.

Utilities and the energy sector as a whole are increasingly, albeit slowly, adopting AI in their daily operations and in turn reaching their business goals and achieving greater levels of efficiency, reliability, and security. The slow integration of AI/ML in the utility sector in particular is most likely caused by the challenges that AI/ML imposes. AI/ML is still a mystery to many. Zpryme surveyed 100 utilities on AI/ML applications in their organizations. The results show that utilities are overall interested but many are still reluctant to invest in AI/ML applications. There are still concerns about the challenges that AI/ML bring to their organizations and the ways they could bring value to their business operations. However, AI is increasingly recognized as a App Orchid necessity for its potential to deliver services with speed and accuracy, detect defects and security breaches, optimize customer engagement, accelerate DER integration into the grid, and balance the supply and demand of the grid.