Regardless of industry, every business is feeling the pressure to meet increasing customer demands for top-quality digital experiences, particularly when it comes to billing and paperless delivery. Utilities are no exception to these demands, and the adoption of new strategies is becoming increasingly urgent as utilities seek to establish strong relationships with customers.

This research explores new opportunities for innovation and partnerships that enable utilities to readily deliver billing that enhances customer digital experiences. Two comprehensive surveys—one focused on 3,000 customer responses and one completed by 115 utility representatives—explore the evolving digital desires of customers, and how utilities are embracing cost-effective and innovative approaches to exceed the digital experience demanded by customers.

Key findings from the paper include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction (44%), supporting customer programs (37%), and improving customer engagement (33%) are the top three customer needs facing utilities today.
  • 65% of utility respondents agree that improving the customer’s digital experience is a high priority.
  • Over 80% of the utilities surveyed expect their organization to add more e-billing options through third-party partners in the future.
  • Privacy, security, and greater control are utilities’ top three concerns with digital billing.

About Inlet

Inlet is a secure digital document delivery platform which exclusively connects utilities to their customers via major mailboxes, personal cloud storage sites and thousands of financial institutions. Through a single integration, utilities can send bills and statements to the online destinations their customers visit and trust the most. Inlet increases customer engagement, paperless adoption rates and enables faster payments. To learn more visit here.