We talk a lot about energy innovation, but how do we get from great ideas to real innovations that can change companies and even revolutionize energy? At our ETS@chicago event in Summer 2015, we held a panel, Invention & Innovations: Data, Design and New Business Models in Action, to explore the climate of innovation in the energy industry. What came out of this panel were six real tales of innovation that we share in this report. Our storytellers from this panel include:

  • Dr. David Miller, Founder & Executive Managing Director, CEVG
  • Chris Shelton, VP, New Energy Solutions, AES
  • Robbie Wright, VP, Digital & Innovation, Direct Energy
  • Joseph Svachula, VP, Smart Grid Technology, ComEd
  • Michael Soileau, VP, Competitive Planning & Strategy, Comcast Cable
  • Jason Blumberg, CEO & Managing Director, Energy Foundry