Many parts of the world are without grid-connected electrical power. As their population and standard of living increase, so will their demand for energy, and a suitable system for providing that electricity to them. The current energy system is unable to offer connectivity to many of these remote locations for economic or logistical reasons. One solution to providing energy to these remote locations is to install microgrids. Several large firms have expanded operations into the microgrid marketplace, while niche firms have developed customized programs specific to the market. The 33-page special report, Microgrids: The BRICS Opportunity, reveals that by 2020, the total BRICS microgrid market is projected to reach $4.5 billion with China accounting for 45% of the BRICS market at $2 billion and a staggering $13.4 billion globally. In this report Zpryme zero-ins on the BRICS microgrid ecosystem by identifying market trends and drivers, recounting country by country projects descriptions, challenges/opportunities to market entry and also two unique Q&A’s from Echelon and Siemens.

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