So who is this ‘new energy consumer’ and how can both utilities and companies across the Smart Grid value chain gel with this next generation? According to The New Energy Consumer study by Zpryme on the surface the typical New Energy Consumer has a college degree or higher, is between 27 – 35 years old, owns their home and has an average household income between 70,000 – $100,000. Sponsored by Itron, The New Energy Consumer study and INFOgraphic by Zpryme presents a comprehensive look at energy consumption attitudes and perceptions by consumers, the smart grid communication access network market and the enterprise system and purpose-built system market for utilities in the U.S.  Further the report explores the market for private and public smart grid wireless access networks. Zpryme has employed a two-stage research approach to accomplish this objective.

The results of each of the research tasks below are presented in this report:

•    U.S. Consumer Energy Usage Survey: A survey conducted in mid-March 2011 of 1,082 homeowners or renters age 18 – 75 across the U.S. was developed to assess energy usage behaviors, smart grid awareness, energy bill costs, energy consumption trends, utility satisfaction and their preferences to use emerging energy monitoring devices and equipment.

•    Forecasts: Market value projections for smart grid wired and wireless communication access networks, and for enterprise and purpose-built systems and networks for mission-critical utility functions.