With the global Smart Grid market value approaching $220 billion by 2020 (see preview of market data here), Zpryme views the U.S. Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program as a major catalyst to worldwide Smart Grid development. In fact, many major utilities from Europe and Asia are already seeking out smart grid implementation guidance from progressive U.S. utilities such as Duke, FPL, PG&E, and SCE. The Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program is a $3.4 billion initiative that seeks to accelerate the transformation of the nation’s electric grid by deploying smart grid technologies and systems. The $3.4 billion in federal Recovery Act funds are matched on at least one?to?one with private sector resources. The total investment in SGIG projects is therefore approximately $8 billion.

This report provides a summary of the SGIG program’s progress, an educated estimate as to the extent of its impact on the overall development of a smart grid in the U.S. and an outlook regarding the extent to which, in Zpryme’s opinion, the SGIG program’s overall goals will be achieved by the estimated completion date of the program.

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