Sponsored by Neptune Technology Group, this report comes from a smart water survey of 86 U.S. water utilities completed by Zpryme and the Smart Water Summit (SWS). Nine out of 10 water utilities have a smart water plan, and many water utilities are beginning to embrace smart water technologies, including AMI as well as analytics.

“Neptune has served the water industry for over a century and has been a leader in “meter-to-bank” technology advances from the industry’s first Automatic Reading and Billing system to Advanced Metering Infrastructure,” stated Kent Murray, VP Marketing for Neptune. “As Smart Water Network technologies evolve, Neptune will continue to work with our customers to develop new innovations to increase their operational and water efficiencies.”

Key Takeaways

  • The focus now is on smart meters and billing, but those capabilities will expand as utilities gain more experience with smart water technologies.
  • Cost is the top concern for smart water efforts, but the challenges are more than financing, including finding the right business model to make smart investments feasible for water utilities.
  • Many water utilities use traditional forms of customer engagement, such as door hangers and paper bills, but are looking to expand their customer engagement efforts to include social media.

Figure 1 _ Status of Smart Water Infrastructure Deployment



Figure 2 _ Importance of Smart Water Infrastructure in the Next 24 to 36 Months


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