The purpose of this monthly report is to track overall customer experience (CX) and mobile experience (CX) customer ratings by industry. The results of the analysis are presented by age, U.S. region, and gender. The data in this report was collected at the end of August 2021.


The data and graphics in this report are from Zpryme’s monthly and quarterly consumer benchmarking surveys. Data is based upon a nationally representative survey sample of 1,000 U.S. adults (margin of error: +/- 3.5%).


  • The top three overall best customer service providers were: banking (29.1%), online shopping (27.8%), and electric, water, gas utilities (14.0%). The west region rated electric, water, gas utilities twice as high (18.6%) as the northeast region (9.2%).
  • The best ratings for mobile CX went to: mobile/wireless (28.5%), banking and online shopping (each with 18.3%).
  • A review of findings from March to August 2021 revealed the same top three rankings as the last two months for overall best service provider with percentages increasing for banking (July, 28.7%; August, 29.1%) and online shopping (July, 25.7%; August, 27.8%), but dropping for the utilities (July, 15.8%; August, 14.0%). The best mobile experience in August had the same top three service providers as the previous three months with a percentage gain in mobile/ wireless (26.1% in July; 28.5% in August); but percentage losses in banking (21.4% in July; 18.3% in August) and online shopping (19.3% in July; 18.3% in August).






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