July 16, 2020

11:00 am EDT


Utilities around the globe are working to become more resilient, reliable, and customer-centric. While operational excellence is central to these core missions, a robust and nimble customer experience is now just as critical in the digital age. COVID-19 and the experience of sheltering in place have been catalysts for digital transformation and connectivity, but forward-looking utilities like ENGIE have already made a commitment to customer-centricity. Identifying, meeting, and supporting the customer requires agile solutions and a digital platform that responds in real-time. How can utilities effectively provide seamless multi-channel customer experience? How can utilities leverage customer data to promote engagement and improve service? Utilities are working on deploying digital solutions to provide groundbreaking customer and employee experiences. Join ENGIE, Vlocity, and Zpryme for a webinar that will discuss:

  • What are the key drivers for customer-centric digital transformation driving new revenue opportunities, regulatory changes, and operational efficiency?
  • The importance of building employee capacity and the role that a happy employee digital experience plays in enhanced customer experience.
  • The tools, training, and processes necessary to build a resilient customer-centric enterprise.

Webinar Thought Leaders