June 10, 2020

1:00 pm Central


Part 2: The Future of the Energy Market, The Challenges and Opportunities Utilities Face

The broad range of players – utilities, independent generators (both large scale and small scale; traditional utility-grade and distributed facilities), retailers, energy management businesses  – all need to come together to create the framework of the energy supply chain of the future. Failure to do so will inhibit growth and innovation.

The webinar will address:  

  • How do you see the framework of the energy supply chain of the future?
  • How has COVID-19 changed the utility markets? 
  • What are short-term/long term opportunities?
  • How should utilities prepare for the consumer of the future? 
  • What does that new business model look like?

Thought Leaders 

  • Erika Bierschbach, VP, Energy Market Operations & Resource Planning, Austin Energy
  • Bashir Bseirani, CEO, Avertra
  • Cade Burks, CDO, Big Data Energy
  • Bill Kinneary, Former President, National Energy Marketers Association
  • Jason Rodriguez, CEO, Zpryme (moderator) 

Energy Market Stakeholders of the Future, a new collaboration between Corcoran Marketing Group, Kumar Resources, and Zpryme, is offering a complimentary webinar series where a blended panel of retail suppliers, utility company representatives, regulatory members, and consumer advocates will discuss the future of the energy market, the challenges for the future and how it affects each stakeholders’ interest.