May 21, 2020

1:00 pm EDT


The utility regulatory landscape has been rapidly evolving over the past decade. At the start of the 2020s utilities were already facing a multitude of pressures when it comes to designing customer-centric rates that ensure long-term profitability. As more regulators look at performance-based rate-making, green tariffs, and time of use rates, utilities must become increasingly creative. What are utilities doing to meet the demands for a more dynamic rate infrastructure? How will COVID-19 and the need to drive affordability impact rate-marking?

Join Zpryme, Duke Energy, and Black and Veatch Management Consulting for a webinar that will discuss:

  • The 2020 US rate and regulatory landscape look and how it will evolve.
  • What types of rate-making solutions will have to be designed to ensure a fair and reasonable balance between need and what is in the best interest of the utility and shareholders?
  • The short-term and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on rates and regulatory innovation.
  • What will the long-term impact of unemployment and recessionary conditions play on a customer’s ability to pay? Will rate increases be required to cover potential losses?

Webinar Thought Leaders