September 3, 2020

12:00 pm EDT


“Drowning in data, starving for insights” is unfortunately a persistent digital theme that continues to challenge operators under pressure from accelerating industry change. Most digital journeys have already included investing in data warehouses, dashboards, and advanced analytics, but as operational decisions become increasingly interconnected, the data and insights to inform those decisions become less connected. Developing access and context to existing and new data sources in a timely, cost effective manner is the underlying key success factor in delivering “single pane of glass” visibility to your organization. Join Exelon, Cognite, and Zpryme to learn:

  • What a “single pane of glass” looks like for application data and how to scale
  • How a “single pane of glass” can be applied to digital applications for flexible operations, better risk management, and consistent, ad-hoc data use across the organization
  • How Exelon’s digital journey has enabled successful transformation during complex change and the next steps in their digital journey
  • Exelon’s strategy for enterprise-wide analytics and AI+ML

Webinar Thought Leaders