Date: September 24, 2015
Time: 10:00am to 11:00am PDT
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Many energy organizations still rely on manual employee scheduling processes. These systems were once adequate, but today’s increasingly complicated union agreements and compliance requirements put these organizations at serious risk for noncompliance — a risk that could grow more costly every day. What’s needed is a more efficient and accurate way to maintain compliance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can better manage compliance and safety risks, control labor costs, automate your crew-callout process during outages, and drive employee engagement with a workforce scheduling solution.

“The Energy industry is a 24/7 business. Companies are stretched by increasing demand and global operations. Operations are becoming more and more complex as activities span multiple shifts and require unique certifications and skillsets,” said Alec Frazier, Manager, Kronos for Energy. “On top of all this, the industry is experiencing a skills gap, forcing companies to do more with less and consistently ask their most valued labor to do more and more. Kronos Workforce Telestaff allows companies to get ahead of these industry trends by automating crew callouts and scheduling, optimizing best fit schedules based on certifications or skills required and enabling companies to accurately distribute their skilled labor to the work that needs to get done.”

Join John Frehse, CSO & Managing Partner at Core Practice and Mike Williams, Strategic Workforce Management Consultant at Kronos, for a discussion on how manual workforce scheduling is truly impacting cost factors at energy organizations.

Webinar Thought Leaders

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Strategic Workforce Management Consultant

John Frehse

John Frehse

CSO and Managing Partner
Core Practice

ModeratorH. Christine Richards

H. Christine Richards

Research Director

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