Our events bring together the most pioneering executives and thought leaders to challenge the industry status quo. From our annual flagship event (ETS) to our pilot pitch competition (Start@ets), we connect people and brands through memorable experiences with purpose.

Our flagship event, Energy Thought Summit (ETS), is designed to highlight the most relevant issues facing the energy industry today and encourage radical discussion the challenges the status quo. By bringing utilities, industry thought leaders, innovators, policy makers, creatives, and customers into these compelling conversation, ETS promises to produce new perspectives that drive intersectional, equitable, and sustainable change for the good of all.

By educating, engaging, and empowering people to understand the complexities of the water-energy nexus, our WE3 Summit is dedicated to exploring how technology can modernize business models, reshape policy, and ignite innovation. This unique experience brings together key stakeholders who together have the opportunity to bring about revolutionary solutions to the challenges facing our global water and energy systems.

We recognize the immense power of people collaborating to build a better future, which is why we created City of the Future. Our access to new technologies, global communication, and data means our cities are growing quickly, but are they growing smartly? Through pioneering conversations and immersive experiences, City of the Future puts people at the center of city innovation so we can consciously design a future enhanced by technology, not run by it.

The future of energy is here! Solar power and storage are at the cornerstone of the global energy portfolio as we move toward decarbonization and sustainability. Despite its clear benefits, many obstacles remain for solar to become a truly integrated solution. Though we still have a long way to go, the continued development of storage promises to transform the power of solar into the center point of our energy future. Solar Storage Festival brings together experts to explore market growth opportunities, innovative financing, and how to position solar power and storage at the center of the energy transition.

The time for radical innovation is now! Shark Tank for the energy industry, start@ETS is a pitch competition that brings together utilities, cities, investors, and innovators to solve real-world problems. Our goal is to elevate bold problem-solvers and their solutions to affect revolutionary change when our world needs it most.