Cut through the BS. Give your brand some genuine love with fact-based content marketing campaigns powered by Zpryme Media Lab—helping influential energy organizations educate, share success stories, and attract new audiences in meaningful ways.

The way energy and utility decision-makers are consuming news and information is ever-changing. Each campaign is boosted with a targeted marketing and lead-gen to our Zpryme audience of over 150,000 subscribers.

in lab they trust.

“With Zpryme as a partner, I’m confident that my marketing objectives will be met. Whether I’m sponsoring Zpryme or leveraging their research and content services, the team always delivers. They offer a great combination of relationship building skills and energy experts who know the industry and provide the perspectives I need to help our customers win.”


“Zpryme exemplifies the forward-thinking vision that the energy industry is so in need of during this time of great transition and opportunity. Their organization is harnessing the excitement and gathering the right players to ask ‘what if,’ so we as an industry are better equipped to lead the changes.”

Vertex VP of Marketing

“There are three things (all good) we can say about Zpryme, whether it’s their research, their educational series, particularly the Energy Thought Summits or their thought leadership prowess; comprehensive, challenging and compelling.”

ESRI Director of Utility Solutions



Establish your brand as an expert in a given field, boosting credibility and demonstrating thought leadership. With your guidance, our team of experts will help craft a custom and impactful piece.



Infographics make data accessible and memorable – today’s energy audience craves visual, quick-to-digest content. Especially within the context of a larger campaign to bring the content to life and give context.



Transform your story from idea into reality through high-end video production. By bringing stories to life in the energy industry through in-depth interviews, short-documentaries, and more, set your brand apart through high-end visual storytelling.



Custom Market Research

Our research team will manage your custom market research project from start to finish, enhancing your knowledge of industry trends at every step. From design to analysis and final reporting, either for internal strategic purposes or shared with our Zpryme audience, our experienced analysts and researchers will develop top-notch thought leadership assets with a long-term shelf life.



Better understand your target market through deep-dive custom surveys. Our team of expert researchers and analysts manage your survey project through every step of the process; survey design through data analysis and final reporting. This extensive data can be applied to:

  • Industry facing reports, infographics and content
  • Develop go-to-market strategies
  • Client or conference presentations



Featuring subject matter experts and leading utility executives from all facets of the industry, our fully-customizable webinars are promoted and broadcast to our Zpryme audience.

  • Sponsor executive to participate as panelist
  • Moderated by Zpryme research analyst
  • Ability to share customer success story through their words
  • Leverage Zpryme extensive network of speakers


Fun and interesting hosts coupled with guests from all areas of energy – come join our new Podcast series that covers the curious side of our industry.

  • Custom, out-of-the box topics
  • Brand alignment
  • Enhance industry conference presence