The Class of ETS20 is underway with the first group of thought leaders!

We have lift off 🚀 — March 30 – April 2 in Austin, TX promises to deliver on the theme “To the Moon” as we’ll be joined by new faces and terrific ETS alumnus such as: Ben Fowke Xcel Energy President, Jackie Sargent Austin Energy GM, Aaron Zahn JEA CEO, Dr. Ralph Izzo PSEG CEO, Bryan Hannegan Holy Cross Energy CEO, Paula Gold-Williams CPS Energy CEO, Melissa Dykes JEA President — also an early confirmed panel announcement with Gordon van Welie ISO New England CEO and James Robb NERC CEO. Deadline is October 24.

There is still time to join the Class of ETS20 and nominate a thought leader, now’s the time to join us for THE energy event of 2020, come on down y’all! Nominate here.

About ETS20

In 1962, JFK called on the nation: “We choose to go to the moon…not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” This clarion call galvanized the collective energy, skill, and vision of the United States. The 20th-century trip to the moon required collaboration, innovation, and a collective commitment to a far-reaching goal that showed we have the power to change the world. In 2020, the decarbonization and sustainability challenges we face are different, but no less daunting.

Utilities, policy makers, innovators, technologists, and customers must change the way we produce and consume energy. How will we choose to leave this planet for future generations? Learn more at: