The countdown for the Global WE3 Summit 2022 has begun! The Mega Energy and Water Event is set to steer industry-defining conversations. The one-of-a-kind event brings together leaders in global water and energy innovation on one platform and empowers them to connect and collaborate. So, let’s hear it for Revolution! The Revolution across the energy-water world–from Net-Zero and eMobility to smart infrastructure investments and ESG.

Here are five reasons why an industry pioneer like you needs to attend the exclusive event from November 9-10th in Los Angeles, California. Because change starts with conversations. Change starts with knowledge sharing. Change starts with learning and unlearning.


1. The Legacy of the WE3 Community

WE3 is a movement – a community of thought leadership uniting industry change makers. WE- Businesses, Tech providers, governments, academics- get together to achieve the goal of E3- Engage. Educate. Empower. 

Over the years, the WE3 community has established a legacy for itself. We are creating a resilient, environmentally sustainable, and economically accessible energy-water ecosystem by marshaling an effective collective response. We are leveraging the power of global movements and partners, including policymakers, energy and water sector leaders, and technology experts from across the globe. The WE3 Summit will provide an international platform for industry innovators to discuss strategies, insights, and stories and execute on our renewed commitment to sustainability.

2. Be at the Cutting-edge of Energy & Water

Learn countless ways to transform your business and contribute to the energy-water global ecosystem. The event presents an opportunity to hear from the headline makers in the industry on the latest trends and deep-dive into winning strategies shared by your peers. The summit is a one-stop shop to gather diverse perspectives from the pioneers. The industry attendees can gain insights on modern developments in sustainable transformation, investment, technology and regulation for the energy and water industry.  This time, we focus on the inevitable disruptive themes- Decarbonization, ESG, Net-Zero, eMobility, Smart Infrastructure. With a lot being said on these topics, find out what leading utilities are doing and plan to do. What is the smarter way of approaching these trends and WHY/HOW we all should prepare NOW!

3. Immerse in Inspiration Everywhere

WE3 Summit is a trove? of inspiration, bringing together global thought leaders who are embracing change and putting a dent in our water-energy future. The event will uncover transformation success stories, solving some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. There will be impactful speeches and insightful conversations around essential developments in the energy and water sector. From game-changing pivots driving clean energy transition to digital-first initiatives powering mass adoption of eMobility, the sessions lined up will not disappoint. You will meet and hear from the likes of SMUD, Liberty Utilities, SCE, UGI, AES Corporation, Alectra, and many more prominent industry names. 

4. In-person Post-pandemic Format

Where else would you find all the think-tanks of the industry together? The WE3 summit provides an exciting opportunity to connect with over 500 attendees across 100+ utilities. It will bring together all key stakeholders in one place to discuss and share insights. From insightful conversations with industry change-makers during sessions to chatting during meals, the endless networking opportunities with the brightest minds in the sector are one of the top takeaways from the event. Prepare for your social connections to blow up during this time. The biggest thrill from the event will be building a brand new network you could turn to with questions and knowing that you could also help others.

5. Embrace the Immersive & Innovative

It won’t be WE3 Summit if innovation is not center stage. Here’s one snapshot of innovation in action in the industry: the use of smart meters, blockchains, automation and analytics allows utilities to leverage data to make informed decisions to enable efficient energy use. The event will see expert-led interactive demos and innovative gamification powered by AR-VR. These experiences will explore the sector’s future with the help of emerging technologies. Embrace the new.


With the connections, knowledge, and inspiration obtained  from the conference, industry leaders should be more empowered to address the global challenges facing the world’s two most important commodities: water and energy. Don’t miss out. Register for the event today!