A company becomes great, not based on its size, but because their ability to rightly serve its customers.

One thing is clear. In today’s digital world – the customer is in the driver’s seat. And, to deliver remarkable customer experiences, companies must understand who the new digital customer is.

The new digitally led customer

Digital technologies have transformed customer habits, and so is their behavior. The onset of smart devices, mobile apps, AI, and Machine Learning technologies, and the emergence of Chatbots and Live Agents have automated the way customers are served, allowing them to get what they want almost exactly at the moment they need it. What’s more – these emerging technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations, resulting in the new – modern customer. They’re constantly connected, tech-led, and aware of what they can do with technology. Because of the multitude of opportunities that arise from using such modern technologies, these customers are increasingly judging organizations based on their digital experiences.

Digital-first requires us to rethink how to leverage technology to serve customers

The capabilities offered by digital technologies will continue to evolve, to align with customer expectations. Exciting new technologies such as virtual & augmented reality, and ‘intelligent’ chatbots are redefining the way businesses connect with their customers, and the list continues to grow. With customers growing to expect new standards of service – staying on top of these technologies will involve mastering these innovations and using them to communicate, engage, and deliver unique services. And, those organizations that embrace innovation to go beyond the ‘norm’ and provide customers with new and richer experiences, will gain sustainable competitive advantages.

Say hello to digital customer experiences

Today, customer experiences are being radically reshaped by cutting-edge digital technologies. These next-gen ‘CX platforms’ manage, deliver and optimize experiences consistently across all customer touchpoints. Among other things, they analyze customer data, provide proactive customer support, deliver customized services, and unify marketing and e-commerce. What customers want and expect is constantly changing. Therefore, for companies to stay ahead of the competition, they need to constantly find new ways to serve their customers and enhance the customer experiences, that they offer.

The road towards ‘transformation’

To win today, companies must deliver innovative experiences that are genuinely memorable and distinctive. This is what Sustainable Transformation really represents.

So how should companies go about delivering enriched customer experiences that make their brand memorable?

For today’s fast-moving, always-connected customers – companies need to seriously consider implementing a digital transformation strategy if they haven’t already. Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to engage modern customers, by delivering services that they genuinely want regardless of channel or place. The only way to grasp the attention of the customers is by doing something different through innovating. Digital Transformation is the answer to ‘customer-centric ideation’ that keeps in mind the ‘voice of the customer’. It allows companies to take bold and pragmatic approaches that revolve around the customer – one that speaks their mind and makes their lives easier.

Paving the way towards success

Smart Energy Water (SEW), is enabling this transformation for the Energy and Utilities industry. SEW’s digital transformation strategy involves a complete transformation on how utilities serve their customers and optimize their field workforce, to address their ongoing challenges and determine priorities to make the greatest impact.

To get this going, SEW is starting a conversation. A conversation to address utility challenges and the benefits of digital transformation in a webinar with SMUD, Golden Velley Water Company and Zpryme. This 23rd July – the industry leaders will discuss – digital technologies, innovation, and empowered customers – the easiest route to enable sustainable transformation for energy and utilities.

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