Los Angeles, CA (August 17, 2022) – Zpryme, an Austin-based energy and technology research company, announced today that it is continuing its partnership with SEWthe world’s leading provider of digital customer and workforce experience platform for utilities, to host the 4th annual WE3 Summit on November 9-10, 2022. The event will focus on the Water (W) and Energy (E) Nexus with the three goals of engaging, empowering & educating the people who will tackle the biggest issues facing the future of these essential resources. 

This year’s WE3 Summit will provide a forum to drive the solutions and dialogue around creating an economically accessible and environmentally sustainable water-energy nexus that is needed for billions of people worldwide today and tomorrow. The summit will feature conversations around the important themes of eMobility, net zero, ESG, decarbonization, customer empowerment, and innovation. 


“Providing safe, reliable, and affordable water and energy sustainably is one of the most fundamental challenges facing our society today,” said Jason Rodriguez, CEO of Zpryme. “This challenge doesn’t look the same in every country, region, state, and even city, but whichever the context, the issues surrounding the water-energy nexus must be addressed in the most humanitarian way.”


Speakers will include government officials, utility executives, industry-leading tech giants, financial experts, and customer advocates. Among others, the event will feature:

  • Martin Adams, GM, LADWP
  • Paul Lau, CEO & GM, SMUD
  • Brian Bentz, CEO & President, Alectra
  • Lia Cao, Global Head of Digital Payment, JP Morgan Chase
  • Lincoln Bleveans, Executive Director – Sustainability & Energy Management, Stanford University
  • Susan Russo, CEO, Pecan Street 
  • Jigar Shah, Director of Loan Program Office, U.S. DOE
  • Nancy Bui-Thompson, Elected Board President, SMUD
  • Lorraine Akiba, President/ CEO, LHA Ventures
  • Eric Rehberg , Chief Engineer & Founder, Armada Power
  • Deepak Garg CEO & Founder, SEW
  • Gerardo Delgado, Energy & Water Regulation Attorney, Quarles & Brady LLP
  • Sally Dominguez, Futurist, Inventor, Creative Resilience Expert, Innovation Provocateur, Author
  • Melissa Miyashiro, Executive Director, Blue Planet Foundation


“We have already seen the impact  WE3 Summit can have on people and communities around the world,” states Deepak Garg, CEO and Founder of SEW. “By focusing on solutions, we can transform to create a more sustainable water-energy nexus. Communities across the world lack access to vital resources such as water and electricity. By educating, engaging & empowering people and redefining the manner in which they manage these essential resources, we can start meeting these challenges today.”


For more information about Zpryme and SEW’s WE3 Summit taking place in Los Angeles on November 9-10, 2020, please visit we3summit.com.


About Zpryme

Based in Austin, Texas, Zpryme is a research-based firm with agency-geared services focused on energy and technology. Based on the creative direction of our associates, Zpryme produces influential research and events that challenge the status quo and provide marketing solutions for fully-immersive brand experiences. For more information, visit www.zpryme.com.


About SEW

SEW is the #1 Global Energy and Water cloud platform that delivers Digital Customer Experience (CX), Mobile Workforce Experience (WX), and AI, ML, IoT Analytics Platform for the global energy, water, and gas providers. SEW provides easy to use, innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with utility systems, improve operational efficiency, and become future-ready by using cloud and mobile technologies.

With the mission to engage, empower and educate billions of people, SEW aims to build a sustainable energy and water future with digital platforms that improves customer and workforce experiences. Learn more at www.sew.ai 


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