October 26th, 2023

2:00 - 6:00 PM CDT

1916 Tillery St, Austin TX 78723

$20 and includes drinks and hor dourves during the happy hour to follow

About This Workshop

Texas was the first to establish a state efficiency program in 1999, since then, the state’s energy demands have increased alongside a dramatically increasing population, a shifting climate, and a need for additional reliability. Join us as we dive deeply into how customers can help Texas meet energy efficiency goals and how the recent passing of SB 1699 can make Texas an energy efficient state once more.

With our state’s growing population and extreme temperatures on the rise, there is a need for the expansion of all potential energy optimization resources to meet increasing demand needs and improve the reliability of our grid. Energy efficiency remains an important and cost-effective resource Texas can use to increase resiliency and lower peak demand at a fraction of the cost compared to many expensive supply-side generation mechanisms. Other benefits of utilizing energy efficiency and optimization include improved indoor air quality (and potential health benefits), reduced pollution, lower utility bills, and increased building comfort to name a few. The PUCT stated in their Phase I Proposal for the Wholesale Market Redesign Project 52373 that increasing energy efficiency programs were needed and would be completed as part of that Phase.

We can reduce energy consumption and cut peak loads with simple efficiency measures and flexibility services: incentive programs for attic insulation, sealing, heat pumps, smart thermostats & demand response programs, and more. Our Workshop and Happy Hour will bring together top minds in Texas energy to talk about how we can tap into our potential for a better, more reliable grid.

We’ll discuss:

  • Ways consumers can be part of the solutions through energy efficiency upgrades, utility programs, and demand response.
  • The recent passing of SB 1699
  • PUCT’s Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources (ADER)Task Force pilot program
  • Future role Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and microgrids will play in the ERCOT market
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