Zpryme has announced a partnership with Austin Energy to roll out virtual and augmented reality applications (VR/AR apps) that will revolutionize the way utilities and retailers educate consumers about energy. The partnership, presented at Zpryme’s 5th annual Energy Thought Summit (ETS18), is the first of its kind in the country.

“We are thrilled to be working with industry leader Austin Energy to launch these first of their kind applications that will change the consumer journey and way people learn about energy,” said Zpryme CEO and Co-Founder Jason Rodriguez. “Consumer engagement in the energy space has changed dramatically in recent years with the incorporation of social media and mobile phones. However, more change is coming and when we looked beyond those technologies we saw a need for VR and AR apps specifically for utilities and retailers. These new tools will help this industry bring next-level engagement to its consumers by allowing them to learn about renewable energy programs, energy efficiency, smart home technologies and more.”

The VR/AR apps were also demoed by attendees at ETS18, the four day annual conference in Austin that brings the world’s thought leaders together to debate the state and future of energy. Users were taken on a virtual trip through West Texas to see firsthand where Austin’s renewable energy comes from, how to use smart vehicles/transportationcharge a vehicle on Austin’s Electric Drive, what it’s like for a lineman to fix a power line and restore power in a neighborhood, install smart devices in a home, and more.

“We’re excited for this milestone partnership, as a positive customer experience is key for any successful service provider,” said Karl Popham, Manager of Electric Vehicles and Emerging Technologies at Austin Energy. “The virtual reality demo at ETS18 showcases Austin Energy’s electric drive project and how easy and fun it is to drive electric. We look forward to sharing this experience with Austinites in the near future.”

Austin Energy, which serves more than 475,000 customer accounts and more than one million residents in Greater Austin, is one of the first utilities in the country to roll out VR/AR to consumers to enhance their energy experience. It plans to showcase the VR experience to customers at events, such as Solarbration and Earthday, over the next several months. It’s also working with local schools to set up future events where these tools can be used to educate teachers and students.

ETS18 is taking place from March 26 – 29 at Austin’s ACL Moody Theatre. For more information, to purchase badges or see a list of participating thought leaders, please visit www.ets18.co.




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Based in Austin, Texas, Zpryme is a research-based firm with agency-geared services focused on energy. Based on the creative direction of our associates, Zpryme produces influential research and events that challenge the status quo and marketing solutions for fully-immersive brand experiences. For more information, visit www.zpryme.com 

About Austin Energy

Austin Energy, the City of Austin’s electric utility, serves more than 475,000 customer accounts and more than one million residents in Greater Austin. The utility’s mission — to safely deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy and excellent customer service — has guided Austin Energy in powering the community and supporting the region’s growth since 1895. As a publicly owned utility, Austin Energy contributes more than $109 million annually to support important City services such as streetlights, parks, libraries and public safety. For more information about Austin Energy, visit austinenergy.com.

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