What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by the opportunity to make an impact by helping our clients share their incredible stories with the world, and by being part of a company that lives by such strong values, including making work a meaningful part of life, but not its defining force.

How are you able to honor your passions at Zpryme?

I am passionate about addressing the global climate emergency through innovative energy solutions and it is incredibly exciting to witness the variety of solutions being developed and launched every day in the energy space. Just by being part of the Zpryme team, I have learned so much, and am excited for what so many forward-thinking organizations are creating for our planet’s future. I am also passionate about equity and accessibility which are essential topics that Zpryme frequently addresses as they pertain to energy. As a Zprymer I also feel encouraged to express my creativity in all its forms and I love being part of an organization where creativity and risk-taking are celebrated.

What accomplishments outside of Zpryme are you most proud of?

I am hoping that my life’s proudest accomplishments will be yet to come and that I will be able to continue to live purposefully and leave the world a better place than I found it.