The Coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly around the globe in the last month, with tens of thousands of new cases reported every day. The virus is impacting every facet of life, and governments, utilities, and public health officials are working around the clock to meet the challenges. To understand the public and personal health implications, Zpryme Now spoke Dr. John Whyte, the Chief Medical Officer for WebMD. Dr. Whyte is a leading physician and writer who has been communicating with the public about health issues for nearly two decades.

Part I. The Public Health Response 

Cities and communities around the world are struggling to halt the spread of the virus effectively, and individuals are deeply concerned about their well-being. Dr. Whyte and Chris discuss what is going right in response to the pandemic and what further steps needed.

Part II. The Surgeon General’s Prescription 

Dr. Whyte shares insights from his interview with the Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams, on how to practice social distancing and stay healthy. After watching the Zpryme Now conversation, you can find the full interview with the Surgeon General here.

Part III. The Frontline Medical Response 

How do we ramp up testing for Coronavirus? Are their enough critical personal protective gear for frontline medical professionals? Dr. Whyte answers these questions and shares his update on how stopping the spread of the virus.

Part IV. Practical Tips for Staying Healthy

If someone is showing symptoms of COVID-19, what steps should they be taking to care for themselves, and when is it the right time to seek more advanced medical treatment? Dr. Whyte shares practical tips for staying healthy.

Part V. Holistic Health

Many Americans are deeply concerned about Coronavirus. Dr. Whyte shares his vision for how we can manage our stress and emerge from this pandemic healthy and more connected.