A new Zpryme study conducted from May 9-12 finds that 55% of American workers are in favor of their company implementing permanent plans for remote work. Major tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google have recently announced plans to strongly embrace remote work. Zpryme conducted the survey to assess U.S. worker opinions on remote work due to the majority of Americans shifting to remote work due to Covid-19. The findings reflect those of workers who did not already have a remote work option with their employer. 

Females (59%) were more likely than males (49%) to favor long term  remote work plans. Interestingly, workers 18-44 (53%) were slightly less likely than workers 45+ (59%) to favor not embracing long-term remote work plans. 

The implications to employers, cities, utilities, families, and of course employees will be significant, but early data indicate that increases in productivity and work-life balance are playing a key role in embracing remote work.