For the month of May, Zpryme selected Kyle Coon’s book Discovering a Life Without Limits for our book club. Kyle graciously accepted our invitation to speak with our team on what Breakthrough means to him and how it has played out in his life.

Kyle’s approach to life, his values, and his mindset align closely with Zpryme’s mission and vision. Listening to Kyle urge us to focus on the little details and on what one can control in order to experience watershed moments where breakthroughs happen felt like providence. Our CEO, Jason Rodriguez, laid a path for our team this year with the mantra – Be Brilliant at the Basics.

Kyle shared a statement fit for motivational posters. “Breakthroughs are a culmination of all the little habits over the years.”

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for hard work, preparation, and dedication. One’s daily routine made up of things as simple as making your bed the moment you get up in the morning lays the foundation for building a great life.

Do Simple Well, Do Simple Better.