"The electric vehicle EVolution is here! Easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to charge, electric vehicles are fun to drive and can save you money while helping the environment."

- StEVie, Austin Energy

AUSTIN, TX. — StEVie, the EV-Loving T-Rex brings over 65 million years of field expertise as an energy thought leader, will join the Class of ETS19 on April 15 – 18 at ACL Theater in Austin. The special appearance will kick off one of the four big days as thought leaders such as Jackie Sargent Austin Energy GM, Arlen Orchard SMUD CEO, and Paula Gold Williams CPS Energy CEO will debate the state and future of energy (maybe the past too).

“This was a long time coming. StEVie wants everyone to drive electric and say goodbye to gas and I’m down with that,” exclaimed Jason S. Rodriguez Zpryme CEO at a recent ETS board meeting.

A ground-breaking scientist, StEVie contributes to the study of transportation and energy sources. StEVie is driven to accelerate the electrification of transportation in support of reducing global carbon emissions while promoting energy efficiency. When it comes to transportation, StEVie wants EVeryone to drive electric and save with Austin Energy.

About ETS19

For the lucky, we flip the switch, and the light comes on every time. For others, it’s a gamble for a flicker. Today’s global electricity system is a complex web of wires, infrastructure and an ever-growing list of new tech, but how is our industry respecting it? Loving your energy is not only about appreciating its loyalty, but more importantly all the moving parts that make it happen.

Join us on April 15 – 18, 2019 in Austin, Texas to celebrate six years of ETS as we honor the heroes that help provide safe and reliable electricity, as well as debate the realistic state and future of energy. Learn more at: ets19.co