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"What I have found with People First is that we have to be aware of their conditions, number 1...say, "Hey if you need to take some time, I know you're multitasking; don't worry if the kids show up in the background during a meeting." We have to empathize and make it safe for that to happen."

- Marisol Weymouth

Marisol (Mari) Weymouth, Interim Vice President at CPS Energy in San Antonio, TX spoke with Zpryme’s Director of People & Culture, Emma Garcia, about what it means to put “People First” during a global health pandemic, the worst economic downturn our country has seen since the Great Depression, and a social justice movement against institutionalized and systemic racism.

As a leader with a human-centric mission, CPS Energy is taking proactive measures to take care of their employees, customers, and community.