"In the utility industry it's a game of chess, you have to know multiple moves ahead of the next move."

- Will Schneider, CPS Energy

This past May we had the honor and privilege to film Mr. Will Schneider of CPS Energy in San Antonio, Texas. As with all shoots, our crew packed our go-to cams, equipment and cliché blacked-out attire. Not included in our luggage was a lens that could capture such a big heart. We started the day getting to know Will, from waking up well before the crack of dawn to listing his favorite musicians (Glen Campbell) and one of his favorite ways to pass the time, fishing. However all the while we observed that he was judiciously in many places at one time, his eyes focused on our interview questions and mind abuzz like a mains hum, on the safety and welfare of his team — he so passionately refers to as the brotherhood.

What struck us at the core at the conclusion of the day, he asked if we could acknowledge the organization, Fallen Linemen (www.fallenlinemen.org). A cause with the mission to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for the families who have lost or are impacted by a severe injury of a loved one in the line of duty.

Now a line foreman, Will is just one example of the of highly dedicated, well-trained professional linemen across the world tackling a variety of dangerous tasks to keep the lights on in communities. Some stock the insulated trucks to keep them ready for any and everyday situations, from freezing rain to mid-summer thunderstorms. Others climb poles during 100-degree heat and raging weather, wearing layers of heavy, uncomfortable but protective clothing. Dozens more work on underground lines, as transmission specialists and general trouble shooters.

Please take less than ten minutes of your time to learn more about the Fallen Linemen Organization and to watch “Will Power” — chronicling Will as he works high above San Antonio. “When you work at such heights it’s hard not to be taken with the grand perspective made possible — great sights all around,” Mr. Schneider shared. “It’s challenging and rewarding.” From daily life-threatening hazards and his family-ties to his team of coworkers, known as the brotherhood — learn more about a leader that steps out everyday for love of community.