"We need to decentralize. This improves reliability and it would also eliminate centralized points of failure. So if you have a decentralized system, you have a failure on one point, you have many other avenues to depend on for reliability of energy. And lastly, it would create millions of high paying jobs as we transition our industry from oil and gas to more clean and renewable energies."

- Donna Imam

Zpryme recently sat down to talk with Donna Imam about why she is running congress, her plans on addressing the digital divide and social and racial justice, and her plans to combat climate change. Donna also discussed her ideas to continue to help central Texas be a global leader in renewables and clean-tech innovation. Donna is the Democratic nominee for Texas’ 31st congressional district. Donna has recently been endorsed by Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke, and Secretary Julián Castro. You can learn more about her campaign here: https://votefordonna.com/